Monday, February 23, 2009

So much stuff to write

Currently Working on Some Game materials. I'll finish them and post them here in the future. Hopefully I can accumilate a large data base of my own of free gurps aids and RPG, war game, card game materials.
  1. GURPS Horses v3
  2. "Curse of the Crusade" aka "Sins of the Crusade"
  3. GURPS 11C equipment
  4. GURPS encounter cards 11C
  5. GURPS 11C outfit cards
  6. GURPS 11C templates
  7. CoC Templates
  8. Dining Table Sized Hex Map
  9. 1097 Map Covered and Backed with Plastic Cover
  10. Studying Layout Software
  11. My Own Open Sourced Game System: Creative Thinking Game System "CTGS" or "Cat Guts" for short

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