Sunday, April 19, 2009

Post Apocalypse Game: 1st Session Successful

Objectives Accomplished:
  1. Fun. Everyone unanimously had fun. Getting pats on the back, a follow up email, and even having my most staunches critic (other than myself) and hardest to manage player impressed.
  2. I was able to exercise what I learned in Game Theory (Strategic Decision Making) and Project Management.
  3. I was able to prove several of my gaming and life hypothesis.

Over all, exceeded expectations especially when they were set just high enough to have people to try it out and expect fun, but low enough to exceed them and expectations.

Identified Weaknesses: All except the first are only personally identified.
  1. Being able to manage players: specifically keeping them with in a time budget and to reduce argument.
  2. Schelling Point Identification and Utility (Improving this will speed up the game)
  3. Being able to see weaknesses in the players plans (make it more challenging and dynamic range of challenges)
  4. How to Keeping track of ongoing penalties (important with #3)
  5. Practice execution of game prep implementation (build up too slow)
  6. Preparation of NPCs to be used (keeping track of NPCs; idea, Card and Random internet pictures using Google facial Search)
Why am I this meticulous: It is better for a player to tell me what's wrong with my game, than the players lower their expectations, than my games suffering, than me assuming everything is alright, and eventually from losing players and eventually not being able to run a game. Another reason is that, It is better for players to think you are working hard on a game, so that they can appreciate it more and they know that the GM is continuously trying to improve. A third reason is that, I can really explore and practice Game Theory and Project Management.

This is a blog of someone who has too much game in the brain.

Reflection. I'm not the type of GM who will repeat stories about the adventure. Strangely I'm too old for that, I'd rather talk about where I went wrong, how could I heighten the player junkie-high and how can I ease my preparation.

Personal Promise: If I ever become successful enough to afford my own assistant, he will prep my NPC cards and paraphernalia for me.

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