Friday, August 27, 2010

Closing this Blog.

Well, its been interesting. I'm going off-line because I have new responsibilities. I've not been gaming for a while so I guess its time for me keep my trap shut. Thanks for checking in. I don't think I'll be posting anymore. Don't waste your hits on this one, I won't be updating anymore. I'm keeping it on, especially since I've put so much material that is still usable: load out packages, templates etc. as well as following some cool blogs.

Thanks for reading :D Its really nice to meet people this way.


Siskoid said...

Thanks for all the material. There's a lot of stuff there that will continue to be useful to gamers whether there are new updates or not.

Sean Holland said...

Been interesting reading you blog and hope that things go well for you. Glad to know that your blog will be staying up.

Dan Eastwood said...

Thanks for your time and efforts. Definitely leave it up!

Mailanka said...

Aw, a shame. I often found your posts inspiring, even if I couldn't always get around to responding.

In any case, best of luck to you!