Sunday, March 11, 2012

Reply to Comments: Future Tech, Education and Economics

Thanks John,
Monopolies and Business Interests run contrary to consumer interests (one wants to minimize competition, the other wants as much competitions and options as possible). These are definite assumptions in my POV when I wrote this.

Hi Yong,
Well before we go to god-like AIs first we must consider how an increasingly intelligent and complex computing power would be used and how economics and human interactions are at several magnitudes greater than the complexity of the human brain (since these are an overlayer above individual predictability), and a number of enhanced rational players.

The way power is gripped so tightly, would it ever happen that power would be given to a 3rd party? I could understand power being handed to the 2nd party, those who thought of the better way but to gain such power and hand it over to a 3rd party without strings, seems more unlikely.

Also consider before we make an AI smarter than a human, consider that as the technology moves toward such there are many who will try to infuse such intelligence into themselves. technological revolution does not happen in Gov't labs, there would be many rogue and outlying experimenters who would be trying to control that power.

As individual needs and capabilities get more sophisticated  the Economy and the Politics even get more sophisticated as the "rules of the game" evolve along with the players. If Moore's law continues, and we can have a Datacenter in our pocket, consider the power an individual has at his/her fingertips.

What stops humans who have made a smart machine, from using the machine to make them smarter. Why free the genie from the lamp, when you can wish for the abilities (and none of the weaknesses) of that genie?

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