Monday, October 27, 2014

Got some Sparring Gear, Not HEMA but it would do.

Its not HEMA, but it should do till I make my own HEMA grade stuff. This is from STIX.

All I really need to spar is the Padded Sticks, but if we want to be a little bit more aggressive and attack important vital targets (like Head and Hands) then these would be needed. This is by no means complete, one should own a pair of "heavy sticks" any hard wood stick that would weigh 2-3lbs each for muscle conditioning and control. 

55USD for the helmet and about (4lbs or 1.9kg), 12.5USD for the gloves, and 8.5USD for the padded sticks. The padded sticks are easy to DIY, the gloves a bit harder, and the helmet is the hardest. This is their largest size. These all should fit an XL person. Sadly its really expensive to deliver it by plane to the US amounting to about $150usd from the quotes I get (the cheapest way is by Freight, which means someone has to buy them in bulk and sell them there lolz).

Compared to the Stuff in Amazon, its a pretty good price, and I can't find it in Aliexpress and the Local "Ebay" called Sulit aka OXL. 

Like I said, I'm a bit deviating from Gaming RPGs, but going more into Simulations and trying to apply my gamer mindset in my health. I am about 36 and I really need to pour more hours of my day into fitness. As a sedentary person, I need to have at least 1 hour a day of light exercise or 10k steps/8km a day. 

Not HEMA but a Great beginner set

This is meant to be used against "live Sticks" or best padded sticks. There is really no point in hurting the person, the ideal is to be able to make full strength blows that are safe. The grade of the nylon fabric is fine but many of the parts are made of a light but rugged upholstery pleather. The more fights he better, the less injury the more fights. 

Knowing the cost it takes to make this, STIX is the Original Manufacturer. They get their materials from the textile manufacturers themselves (I would know since its the only local textile maker in the country) instead of wholesellers and this the lowest it can go. You are getting this with no middle man adding to the cost. The company has a pretty good marketing arm, but very small which means it has minimal effect on the prices. 

But you cannot compare this to HEMA stuff which is mean to be used against spring steel. The pleather would be terrible against it and would require some repairs depending on how strong the blows expect. Although if you are using wooden or padded weapons, this would allow you to let your armor be your practice target. 

So what I have planned is 30 second fights, padded sticks, and a Ref calling points for "control" (which is pretty much the same in Kali as it is in HEMA when I was fighting in tournaments in high school). There are several key drills and conditionings that need to be done, and the BIGGEST barrier is schedule since I have to make sure I recover well and don't sacrifice much of my sleeping.

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