Monday, November 3, 2014

Gaming in the Brain: that should Include Min Maxing myself.

What else was I busy with?

2007 i got married and joined an airsoft team, I know its 2007 because I had Laser Eye surgery at about Dec the same year. So i was 27 with such a metabolism that I could eat 3000-4000 calories without gaining much, after 30 I gained 50lbs (from 130lbs). Now the healthiest I can be without having symptoms of bad nutrition (canker sores, allergies, etc) is 165lbs trying to be within 1,500 calories everyday (how far my metabolism has deteriorated).

Took me 7 years to improve in Airsoft. 7 years from a Mindset that could not apply my gaming to Real life and always wishing I could. Getting hung up with so many things that did not matter in the long run.

Much of my team were all former Gamers who had families and no time to play. I still run games, its just 5am in the morning until my family wakes up and you can see me in the videos juggling that poorly. Then I wake up fairly early for an Airsoft game on the next day. I learned I will need to keep adapting my favorite past time in many forms that allows me to grow and thats changing and hacking a lot of myself.

What I learn in each hobby has to be applicable in everything else I do or else it gets forgotten. If its important a detailed report in my private journal of the entire Thesis of the idea and how I can simplify it to conditioned response or a simple mnemonic.

Now a days I need to simplify my running games and run my GURPS Fate-like lolz. A betrayer to the hard core gurps guys lolz. I think details should just be in the SIM games and not in the table top - because in an airsoft game or sparring match those details are done in less than a second but in table top game it adds minutes (IMO) per turn and in many instances (adding a lot of waste), what happens on the table are activities that GM and Players can wrap up quickly and push the story forward.

130lbs ( medium), 180lbs (A large), 160lbs (medium)... now I have a lot of ill fitting clothes lolz.

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