Thursday, June 11, 2015

Workload Rule-of-Thumb

A continuation from the Narrative Mass Combat notes on rules of thumb.

This is Workload. a useful rule of thumb. In my studies its been very usable in many things like planning for games (since airsoft is almost half hiking/running in wilderness) and planning special endurance related events and activities. 
  • Its a handy rule for a game, as much as Force Multiplier maxims (will be discussed in the future)
  • Use it to plan out real life or in game activities.
  • Note that in certain seasons there is one to four workloads of daylight.
  • Less fit people need more frequency of rest or lighter loads. 
  • It informs how much work to budget and when people can rest. Note with fatigue there is entropy in the organization. 
Its based of metrics from the Tactica and Small Wars Manual. 
  • A useful rule of thumb. Workloads. 
    • A Workload is 4-5 hours a day (like a human). This is work where the animal is doing its maximum load without injury (this is relative to their body weight):
      • 30% for animals below 1,000lbs, 
      • 25% below 2000lbs, and 
      • 20% below 3000lbs). 
      • Warriors trained in the march can carry 40% bodyweight (60lbs). 
      • Halving the Load lets the warrior double the workload he can perform. Warriors can do two work loads at 20% their weight (30lbs)
    • Humans can travel 20km/12mi per workload. Horses and Camels about 40km/24mi. Oxes 15km/9mi per workload.  
    • A fit human can do a workload a day for 6 days for a season. Animals are less at about 4-5 days. Mules and Camels are the exception and as much as a human.. 
    • When there is 2 work loads per day increase the rate of rest 2 days to be sustainable. If not mark a level of wear. Every level of wear is a penalty to a lot of rolls, almost all.
      • Every level of wear is 2-3 days of rest. Doubling every level of wear. As the level of wear  depends on the game system. in 2d6 target number it would be 1 penalty. 
    •  When there are 3 work  loads per day double the frequency of rest or else take another level of wear. 
    • Workloads can be used for Men and Beasts. It can be used in modern measures or as a personal rule of thumb. remember its the not just the limit of endurance but the limit of safety. 

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