Monday, July 27, 2015

Adjustment of Post Frequency and Projects

I am currently working on several long posts that would take up about 5-10 hours to fully edit and make. My sickness and exercise regiments is going to hamper a lot of my work. Its better to measure in terms of Months how much hours I can scrounge up. About 10 hours a month on these projects.

Up-Coming projects:
  1. Narrative Mass Combat Warfare System in an A6 pdf draft version 2015
    1. I think it would take me about 3 months to finish this, it would need about 10 hours of work to finish, and maybe 5 hours to finish. 
    2. There is going to be a Logistics made-fun in the case study method 
  2. Narrative Combat Guide in A6 pdf 2015. An overlay system to some various RPG game systems as well as part of an Open RPG system I'm developing that suits my purposes of running the case-study school of GMing.
    1. Probably the next after the warfare.
    2. Hoping in succeeding drafts will have more flow charts to explain structure. I would love to dress it up with art but as my health is not as good I have less and less time.
    3. Apply the Narrative Combat System on GURPS lite - modifying it to be lighter and easier to run. (using areas, initiative by being ready to say what they are going to do instead of stats, and other Narrative enhanced mechanics)  
  3. Using Free-Mind, Mind mapping the Game. A guide of efficient use time and how to frame goals in prep.
  4. Editing my GURPS Low Tech Western 11C. Hopefully i get it all done by the end of the year after the other projects above. I will have more time if I pause my campaign but I need to keep running so I'm currently wrestling with the need for more time to develop better techniques and document them and the material I gather running games. 

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