Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Crosspost: GURPS Day Impact on Game in the Brain

Cross Post about the GURPS Day brought to us by +Douglas Cole

Gaming Ballistics of GURPS day have had a very good impact on my blog. Its impact to traffic is not as significant as its impact on my writing and ideas.

On my Traffic.
My normal traffic is about from 0.1 hits per day on its down season to 1-2 hits per day when I was writing more often was more active. The only time I hit 5 per day was when I was running games and making material to 2013. I hit that number again recently and I did it with all this work I'm juggling.
*note on traffic: because of spam crawlers my traffic count in only half or 1/3.

Now that I checked the Blogger statistics I have to thank the blogs:
BAT IN THE ATTIC that has been with game in the brain the longest.
Dungeon Fantastic another great source
and finally Gaming Ballistic's GURPS day!

On my Writing
The GURPS day blogs has had a great impact on my writing. I'm most inspired when they talk about mechanics and workflow:

There are some new blogs I've just added  to my feedly and I'm going to have to wait till I see more of their ideas in my works. Still this is the font from which I draw inspiration. There is actually so much to write about the thing is these days I struggle to get the 4-6 hours to write the 1-2 posts a week. 

What I look for in GURPS Day.
Post I can add to my GMing List*. If you have a good idea I test it if its applicable with Any Game System or if it can be Overlayed in other game systems. Then I test if it would be good for a Newbie GM or where would it be in his path to being a good GM (later or early). If its a great idea I put it in a list and if its clearly from the blog I link to it. If it gives me an idea after some transformation I still reference it but take less effort doing so.

Drawing inspiration from the GENERIC UNIVERSAL role playing system for Any Game System should be no surprise. GURPS horror, mysteries, and splat books are great for any game system. While Game in the Brain is GURPS in mental hard-wiring it seeks system agnosticism by making concepts more modular and translatable (see the running GURPS More Narratively Series.)

Parting Thoughts
I decided at around 2008 to stop participating in the GURPS Forums and instead write my ideas in a blog. the discussions there can get very long and there was a lot of great ideas - but only a limited audience. I wanted to meet other gurps gamers in the "wilds" of the internet, so i decided to just blog what would have been LONG posts and hoped someone also was into gurps. 

Another push was from RPG bloggers (my highest source of traffic) which meant that I had to create a GAMING blog separate from my private and personal blog. I was blogging about gurps since 2003 in my private blog but only in 2008 starting Game in the Brain. How I love how this describes me and the writing. 

Anyway I hope you get ideas from the GURPS day blogs and join the it if you can. I'm always updating my feedly when there is a new blog in the GURPS day and I want want to read (i actually listen to them through an app) what you want to say.

*this list is a idea dump bucket. will organize it when i have free time but use it mainly to keep ideas from repeating or at least if it repeated in a new perspective and version tracked. 

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