Friday, January 6, 2017

Levels of Participation: Commenting

The level of Participation in Table Top Role-Playing Games:

  • 8-12 hours a Week: enough to prep, blog, and run games. blogging comes from the material the prep generates. the blog is like the 2 second rule* going down the rabbit hole to give closure to a train of thought and curiosity. 
  • 4-6 hours a week: enough to prep, blog, and run games every other week (or on week ends).
  • 2-6 hours a week: enough to blog regularly. I was able to punch out 1-2 posts a week. 
  • 1-4 hours a week: enough to blog 1.5 to 2x a month. 
  • 1-2 hours a week of intermittent time. The ability to blog 1/month and comment. 

Interment. A lot of time is Interment and the most I can do is what can be done in 2-5 minutes. Every task can be measured in this to a point that I've kept notes on my time and motion in this lolz and will apply this in Games.

*2 second rule in Productivity is taking the time to write down any distracting thoughts so that it can be tackled later from the task at hand or when attention is better used than entertaining the distraction. Encyclopedia of Operations Arthur V Hill.

Commenting or Gdocs Collaborating.
Commenting and Gdocs doesnt need a lot of prep time. Blogs have about 1-2 hours of prep time, 50% is the writing and thinking about it while writing, 50% is the intermittent time thinking about the problem and the issues.
So I only have 2-5 minutes and i can only post opportunistically. So I'm only good in commenting (if I was able to listen to the post in my app's Text to Speech; so I cant comment when the idea hits me, only if I remember to comment when I have the chance. 1/20 chances of me remembering lolz). With my crap reading and thinking speed I can only really comment and gdoc post.

I like collaborating even if it is limited to Feedback. Meaning I can give my opinion on a metrics level or user-experience level. If that matters to you and You don't mind my me having only 3-4 x spend 2-5 minutes on the Gdocs with you guys then maybe you can invite me for collaboration (if I like the project too.) Note that I'm studying a lot of Bio and Psycho mechanics because of work so my comments tend to narrow to that vein.

My open Collaborations Invitation.
I use Gdocs to dump what I learn and read. A lot of these projects are dormant since I have so little time to really dedicate to fill it up.

  • GMing Skills. General Gaming Dump list. I learn some new metric or trick that has applications to a game I put it here. I sort it later on.
  • Warfare Notes. Notes in running warfare games and analyzing its scope and trying to narrow it down. Figuring out how to prepare players and GMs in running it, and learning to run it. It uses the basic system of my Open RPG. this is updated almost as frequently as GMing skills since all my historical logistics notes are dumped here. 
  • TRPG Skills. This is a simple Gdoc that tracks the mastery of learning a Game System. I'm 
  • Open RPG. This is an open RPG project that uses a simple 2d resolutions system and plugs in a lot of my lessons in process efficiency and simplicity from various studies (most can be found in GMing Skills). Its all creative commons and designed that a System Agnostic person will be free to use it without fear of copyright or legal baggage. 
  • Kiddy Open World. trying to build an approach to using TRPG skills to teach children. Basically parents using TRPG skills to gamify the thinking and life skills children need to learn to survive and thrive. 

TL:DR lost a lot of my time.  Some personal notes: 
So I have a second child and the logistics of that has had an impact. I'm actually double checking my notes as to what the over all time impact of this. It doesnt help that the school doesnt do "all" the work of teaching our first child and I'm going to need help in the form of Tutorial services (Asian educational arms race). My 5.8 year old attention needs me to sit down for an hour out of distractability instead of any really significant amount of work.

Which brings up the level of participation. When getting married, I didnt game as much and spent time with the wife. When having our first child, the first few years I was unable to game but was able to blog. I had time to game when we got a nanny and the child turned 2. With the 2nd child I'm expecting to take a long hiatus and with my sons studies I would still lose a lot of my time.

What i've chosen to do with my time is to do some min-maxing. Training my son, letting him join me in my self improvement: chinese studies and exercise (health and studies) is one compromise that diminishes the quality of the activity to allow me to be a dad and to hopefully give an example to him.

Work has also gotten complicated as I am set to train a coordinator (an industrial engineer graduate to be trained in the plant's processes and operations) as my first staffer.

Then there is the Airsoft Team Work. Lolz writing Doctrine, DIYs, and how-tos. I'm doing the radios, prep-checklists, exercises, and sourcing materials. The overall goal is to reduce prep time and clutter (bringing down our gear inventory to minimalist, while meeting all our operational and convenience goals). Again I have intermetent time and a lot of notes go into my A6 size notebook i carry with me.

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