Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Updated GMing Techniques; Games Literacy

So I've updated my GMing Techniques Document and differentiated it from my TRPG playing skill document. Basically the GMTD is the skill (or the Tricks) unraveled and explained. While the TRPG playing skills tries to identify and list the skills needed to play particular games.

TRPG playing skill will list the skill or knowledge needed to run (Collaborative Setting) Fantasy, Packaged Settings (which Include Historical), Mysteries, Warfare, and Horror. It will be used to make comparisons and a checklist for GMs and Players when evaluating what they are getting into.
I hope this develops processes for GMs to evaluate their Work, allowing them to scale down the distracting elements, and plan how much work they are going to do.

GMTD is the skills, mnemonics, heuristics, and tests. If a GM or Player wants to learn a technique that will enhance their experience in playing the game it would be found in the GMTD.  The wording is best to allow the person to perform the skill and the uses of the skill, and implementation of the skills.  Ideally the Total Cost of Ownership - the time, effort, difficulty, tools, etc... of performing certain activities in the game gets illuminated in the GMTD document.

I've begun trying to organize the Ideas. Grouping them into Heading 2 key topics.

Extra Credit had a very relevant special to my interests: Particularly Gaming Literacy. Basically literacy about all the devices, skills, techniques, Meta-knowlege about the hobby of Table Top RPGs. You can say the GMing Technique Document and TRPG playing skill lists are major sources then.

I'm, as always, looking for feedback and like minds who can help improve on this. In the end, without feedback there is no reality by which these ideas can be tested against. Open to Collaboration as I can only work on this when time permits.

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