Sunday, September 16, 2018

Update, out of Practice.

Update that I'm so out of practice I've forgotten most of the things I usually carry around in my head and replaced with work related Game Material. 
Basically If its Bureaucracy, Processes, Social Challenges, Leadership, Management, Logistics, etc... I can probably run those kind of games on the fly. 

Of course I'd rather fix my Home brew or GURPS spreadsheet for Modern Games that allows me to generate characters based on Philippine Industry Demographics. 

Most of the projects I want to do thats gaming related would take 200manhours in its smallest phase. I notice after 2-3 months I burn out naturally so I really need to break up projects into 1-3 month phases of usable deliverables.
You can take my last posts and pretty much analyze the trend of how much I've removed from my life my gaming so that I can fix the family business. I really wish one day I can afford to go back. I'm part of the Gen X generation that may end up working till we die, and while that may be a sad thought - i believe sadness and sorrow helps us accept changes and realities we really need to live with or else we will carry that baggage forever and distract us.

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