Thursday, February 28, 2019

Gamer Take Away from PMBOK Skill and Action Part 1

PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) an inspiration in talking about and discussing RISK and Occasion to Roll. before we go to risk lets talk about Skills and Actions.

Tentative Outline: 

Skill and Actions Part 1. Key gamer take away: thinking in What performance in controlled conditions and out of Control Conditions. Allows the Gamer or GM to Identify what the Player or Action Automatically succeeds or fails, and What is not up to them but the Chance within the circumstance.

It is possible to commit no mistaks and still lose.

Thinking of Risks as Areas of Control and Out of Control Part 2. Key gamer take away, Players and GM will not just have the ability to improvise problems (by being more conscious of risk) but able to Think-Fractally/or Mentally Scale Problems to Macro or Micro levels as needed.

Skills and Actions

Its the same thing and its not. For our purpose lets say a Skill is a mental or physical Skill a Routine or a Process that can vary in Complexity. Action pretty much the same thing, but when we say Action it means something we can do with Geat Certainty. An Action is a SKILL where the factors is within the PC's/Actor/Agent's Control. 

When we break the idea up to these two components, we have Actions that succeed, but the Objective of the Action fails. 

Example. Trying to Convincing Letter to someone of your cause with writing, vs Putting pen to paper and writing the essay. The Action is Writing - putting pen to paper and able to write.   

Skill is about the Process, Action can also be the Process but focuses on a Process that has very defined paramaters. 

To be Continued. 

Closer Look at Skills and Actions Part 3. (probably burned out at this point). Key gamer take away - how to work with an Evolving Definition of Skills. Your definition of skills WILL change as you go into more intensive problem solving. It means that over time and complexity you will have to redifine your skills and assumptions and update your definitions and how to approach this and allow New Players to Quickly be up to date.

Drafted Outline, that is the Drawing Board:
Thinking of an Adventure and Scope Baseline = Areas of Control + Areas out of Control.
The hard parts, the Actionable Parts: What makes this parts hard? (Practice and Study).  
Identifying the Stakeholders and Risk. 
Identifying the Actions that Improve the Chances to Make an Opportunity. 
Actions are a Resource. There are ACTIONS that influence our chance of success in a given opportunity. 
DILIGENCE. taking the time to Understand and Work on a problem.

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