Monday, June 10, 2019

Do you like exploring Status and Wealth - Social problems in your games? part 1 of 2

Status and Wealth in TRPGs give a framework about seeing Social Issues in Action. Especially when the setting is NEAR modern. Of course it helps to have a LOT of experience (aka being OLD) but I wish there was something like a SPLAT/Source Book (example is HARN's Companions guide which is such a good explanation of status and feudalism) for the PHILIPPINES in various Eras.
It would be a VERY politically Incorrect book - showing how the law and society actually is biased and used - but would be such great reading and discussion.

Or it can be a very Interesting Google Doc with FORKING - where someone takes the same framework, makes a copy and adds the source in the reference links, and then makes their own spin and using footnote options to put their own explanation. The rule would be to see it as a Homebrew - (meaning its THEIR interpretation).

Its interesting how HOMEBREWs (example would be In my Traveller Universe IMTU) - Traveller has a very solid framework in Forking used to allow People to have Respected Differences in Opinion and Perspective.

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