Saturday, September 12, 2020

Context to my Game Writing: Writing about Space Work with my Perspective

When writing up the Operational Safety Limits of a Scifi Space Suit as a Construction and Work Place Safety Officer is VERY DIFFERENT. 

A lot of writers kinda shit on Safety protocols and Union Breaks. I don't recall exactly how many movies and books portray Union breaks and Safety limits as Strawmans - making it out to look stupid and gratuitous. I received the safety reports and learn about the family who gets a 2-4M windfall when their breadwinner dies at work because of our aging Tradesmen (unlike the majority in the industry they are all insured; we pay at painfully the market rate but unlike most of the industry we give medical and insurance; We are an ISO 45k, 9k, 14k company; which means we get double to triple the checks of a regular company in compliance).  

I'm a safety officer with an unusually weak immune system while also scion of a family business in manufacturing and construction. 

I shake the hands of workers who lost fingers in operating machines now and then, and when I congratulate them for their 20+ years of service in the company xmas party.  I've been told by Sales People to remove the laser safety sensor to reduce the Price so they can win the bid for our business. 

I write in the Fluff that the suit can operate for 10 hours under heavy exertion (the users VO2 consumption is high) and under low activity, the person can survive in the suit for 20 hours and a bit more depending on their body mass (correlating with their consumption) and I can't help but mention that regulation would Put a limit of operating at that Suit at 4 hours, that Extra Vehicular Work in that suit is considered Emergencies (which Trigger Hazard pay clauses), and that any extreme duress has to be voluntary... while knowing that some people in this Line of work have long accepted the Risks and know that more often than not they dont have a choice and the "Life Insurance" payout to their families is what makes them accept the risks.  

And I draw these suits and imagine the workers who will live and die in such suits in the future. 

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