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Baselines and Tech Levels. Jump as a Baseline for Super Computers.

 So I got stuck on the Computer Part.

It’s hard because now what matters is Compute. 

Mneme TL 10 ships were experimenting with Jump. 1000DT lab ships jumping with an Unmanned Probe within Sol. From Earth’s  Lagrange point to Jupiter’s. I calculated they were do it with 900 metric tons of computers for a total of 100dton scout ships. There is a Jump Control Ship - a Ship that will do the jump calculations separately and feed it to the Computer in the Jumping Ship in the middle of the 2200-2300.

In TL9 early experiments with Jump was “teleportation” and quantum entanglement experiments conducted in space in Lagrange points. Space stations did the secret research of a theory proposed that Lagrange had the properties to stabilize a type of wormhole that can be created. Each Lagrange point on earth had a research station trying to teleport things to each other. 

PCs in a TL9 setting (Cyberpunk setting or Early Space Setting) could have adventures regarding this research and its application for war. As weapons of mass destruction could be teleported.

Early Jump would have been so useful. Traveling to Jupiter in Record Time from Earth. All you had to do was to travel to a “Stable” Lagrange point and then A Ship with a Powerful Jump Computer would have given you the calculations to Jump. By 2300s the Economy of Jupiter would have been very developed. Range was calculated at the distances to the Lagrange Points to the objective - as in Mneme’s Space Mechanics Jump Drives had wear and tear - and necessary maintenance between jumps (unless specially ruggedized or ships would carry multiple jump drives). Jump was stress of the Jump Drive. 

Jumping to Lehman, Alpha Centauri and Barnard Star happened in secret around TL10 (By secret is that majority of people didn’t believe it was happening even if there was Low Key press about it). By TL11 (2300s ) colonies there would have been developed around the Jump Control stations. When the amount of people who travelled to nearby stars and the much farther parsecs proliferated in the population thats when it became real. 

Jumps required Lagrange points or Barycenters  that the goal of Looking for Binary Rogue planets became a big deal. Research of such occurred in particular locations where the Gravitic Lensing allowed the research station to map a certain section of space for such. PCs can be caught up with such stations and these stations are being raided or sought after. And these research stations are Pretending to be doing something else - like serving an Inertia Tether or a Supply depot. 

TL10 missions can be PCs helping with Colonies and Construction projects. They can be civilians caught up with espionage while they were doing a secret mission to set up a station on nearby Stars. Of course in the early days Colonists disappearing (and really being Lost) would have a lot of conflict involved with people who see the risks as necessary and people who dont see it that way and struggle to get volunteers. 

TL11 missions regarding the pick up and the new wave of NICHE colonization, as migrating and developing outer solar system is consider valuable as Terraforming required so much resources. Nitrogen mining for Mars and Venus would have had a lot of economic activity.  Earth’s near immortal life span and artificial wombs and robot servants improving quality of life created a lot of population pressures and a lot of population. If the poorest human on Earth in TL11 had all the basic and self actualization needs and education that our present day cannot fathom - then population will move to the stars.  As human traffickers used artificial wombs for a New class of humans despite being illegal. Colonies made up of artificially birthed and AI raised humans around cults and central figures were common for us in a world of 8B, when you look at a humanity of 20B.  

Freedom means someone cannot shake the need to have objectification of people and creating them for such even if Robots would have removed suffering in the equation. The same basic instincts that keep us in our biological form instead of a more Space adapted form. PCs would encounter this in their travels even within Sol. Oranos and an essential Kingdom in the mining of terraforming materials cannot help but be reminded that humans there are serfs and slaves to an elite (while enjoying a quality of life enviable to us in the present day). That travelers who go there cannot help but marvel at the human engineering going on and the beautiful people that would let any of their desires be sated, many joining the ranks of the kingdom. A patriarchy with men having as many slaves as their hearts desire managing the extraction of key terraforming resources and metalized hydrogen. 

Anyway the world building is distracting. 


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