Sunday, July 26, 2009

GM tools Ideas to write about

GURPS magic tools. How to introduce magic in your game with the most control and predictability with GURPS magic system.

GURPS 6 second rounds. How to run 6 second player turns in your GURPS combat.

GURPS Conservative Character Creation Parameters. Start basic and simply, and move toward complex when your comfortable. A way to control escalation and keep games challenging and rewarding.

GURPS Wealth. GURPS wealth system compared to the International Economic data instead of using American Economic Data.

GURPS Skills. Factors that constitute having the skill vs defaulting a skill. Skills we take for-granted in ourselves or take for-granted in peoples of history.

GURPS Intelligence. What Constitutes a Genius and How do We gauge intellect in more up to date and modern standards.

GURPS Modern Combat. How to Run a Modern Combat coming from the DND mindset. I've touched on this, and I've reread my old posts and realized I could do a better job explaining it as detailed yet simple as possible. I want to explain it step by step and help people have a fun yet authentic TTRPG modern combat experience. Note- that I've taken my Airsoft Milsim experience into this making this as efficient, visceral, and more reliant on Player's choices than their abilities.

Gaming Myths. Misinformation vs Informed Opinions- How RPGs contribute to education, personal knowledge, and approach to life.

GMing Style. Less Rolls, more Tactics. Lessons in speeding up play through experimentation, reflection and player feedback, particularly the my Theory behind occassions of rolls vs automatic success or execution of the action.

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