Friday, July 31, 2009

Sci-Fi Load-out: Long Ranged Operation Load

TL10 Long Operational Range Package. $37,190
Basically, this is a long range package complete with all essential gear for a mission that may last for a week. It is possible to extend operational range beyond a week with the appropriate survival checks for rationing and foraging.

This load out is intended for skirmishing and ambush engagement where absolute stealth is needed to reach objective. Which usually consists of a long foot hike through hostile and dangerous environments.

In this load-out the PCs can hike at about 4-8km an hour, depending on their fitness and Strength. PCs can operate with practically 16 hour hikes because of the expedition suits, enhanced liquids, and high energy rations.

Drop-Backpacks have some homing beacons and equipped with prog-camo to be dropped to enhance combat range and mobility. The Water and Ration pack is a modular part of the backpack meant to remain when the bag is dropped.

Worn (26.5lbs). Prog-Camo Expedition Suit (UT178) (w/ Load Bearing Rig, Knee and Elbow Pads) (DR5*) $2,530 8.5lbs; Prog-Camo Tactical Load Bearing Vest (UT173) (DR24/10*) $1250 9lbs; Prog-Camo Cheap Rugged Stealth Exo-Skeleton (UT182) (DR24) $11,000 (18lbs); Prog-Camo Combat Infantry Helm (with Hyper Spectral Vision) (UT180) (DR27/18) $3125 5lbs; Multi-Spec Camouflage Cloak $6000 4lbs. Total $23,835

Carried (20lbs)
. Prog-Camo Gun-Sleeve $370 1lb; Very Fine (accuracy) ETC Battle Rifle 7.62mmCL (w/ smart gun electronics, compact targeting scope, and portable bipod) (Dmg10d+1(3)pi-; Acc7+2; Range ; ROF10; Shots34+1; Wt 12/2;Bulk-5; Rcl 2; LC2) $10,400 14lbs; 3 Extra Mags (APEP 34 shots each) $900 6lbs. Total $11,300

Drop-Backpack (60lbs)
. Prog-Camo Backpack $490 10lbs; Water Pack (6L- 1 week with expedition suit) $60 15lbs; Meal Rations (1 week) $105 10lbs; Trail Rations $100 10lbs; Battery Charger (2 D-cell) $300 10lbs; Very Fine Quality Survival Kit $1000 5lbs. Total $2,055

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