Monday, August 24, 2009

Finally a Traveller Carrier!

Mythic Class Carrier

Doctrine: Carriers are primarily assault vessels, meant to overwhelm an opponent's defenses with high missile saturation. Fighters are meant to use 100 x 5 missiles to saturate an enemies defense.

As for Carrier defense, layered Fighter squadrons provide maximum Point-Defense, along with maximum relay effectiveness to keep enemy too far for effective sensor range and prevent battleships or cruisers a direct intercept vector.

Carriers cannot collect all its deployed fighters quickly and since fighters serve as screening elements, withdrawal is a messy affair for Carriers. This makes them in-effective in hit and run tactics without a large amount of preparation more powerful and supporting screening elements.

Despite the drawbacks, this carrier is capable of withdrawing thanks to its extra jump capacity.

Tech Level: 10.
Hull: 10,000-Dton Cylinder (210ksf, 210tons, $600), dDR 70 armor (7,350tons, +$88.2), Stealth (+52.5tons, +$15.75). 7,612.5tons 703.95
Systems: 300 M-Drive (1,200tons, $300M, -600MW, 60,000T-Thrust), 300 J-Drive (1200tons, $1200M, -600MW), 4,000 Fuel Tanks (Jump-2; 4 parsec range) (100tons, $80M), Command Bridge (5-Dtons, 12tons, $4), Model-9 Sensors (Scan 24) (20dtons, 240tons, $80, -80MW), 42 Heavy Turrets (63tons, $8.4M) (84 Pulse Lasers, 168 Missile Racks) (420tons, $168M ), Hangar (100x5-Dton small crafts) (110-Dtons, 150tons), 3 5-Dton Launch Tubes (6-Dtons, 60tons, $0.6M, -1.5MW), 2 Staterooms (16-Dtons, 4tons, $1), 50 staterooms (200-Dtons, 50tons, $5M), 300 comfortable cabins (900-Dtons, 337.5tons, $67.5M), 450 cabins (900-Dtons, 225tons, $45M), 250 capacity galley and multipurpose hall (375-Dtons, 125tons, $25M), 250 capacity recreation and common area (375-Dtons, 125tons, $25M), 250 capacity study, training, and exercise facility (375-Dtons, 125tons, $25M), 50 Armoury and Battledress Morgue (50-Dtons, 12.5tons, $5M), 50 Brig (armored cabin) (100-Dtons, 25dtons, $2M), 215 escape capsules (852occ) (426-Dtons, 215tons, $21.5M), 1 Repulsor Array (100-Dtons, 400tons, $100M, -250), 3 Workshops (7.5-Dtons, 45tons, $1.8), 9 Sickbays (9tons, $1.8M), 360 Fusion Plant (1440tons, $1080, 7200MW), 82 Cargo. Total 6583tons $3246.6

Statistics: EMass 14,195 tons, Lmass 22,507 tons (+760tons ammo, +300tons Supplies, +900tons fighter ammo, 6,200tons small craft, +73tons Personnel, +78 tons cargo), Cost $4,320M (base $3,950.5M + $152M ammo +$180M small craft ammo, +$0.3M supplies), SM +2, ASig -4, Hull dHP 15, 1600 life support capacity, sAccel 2.7G (3.7G with all fighters away), Jump-2 (4 parsec range).

Crew: 10 Command Section, 2 Gunnery officers (10% officer, 20% petty), 48 engineers (10% officer, 30% petty, ), 300 Ship Troops (5% officer, 10% petty), 200 Pilots and Co-Pilots (200 petty officers), 100 technicians (10% officer, 30% petty), 10 Flight Control Crew (10% officer, 30% petty, ), 1 Cargo Service (10% officer, 20% petty),

18 Maintenance (10% officer, 20% petty, 18 Medical (20% officer, 30% petty), 9 Life Support (10% officer, 20% petty), 12 General Services (10% officer, 20% petty ). Total 730.

I've reworked the Crew Quarters, so that it is easier to imagine. Now you can just check the cruise ship cabins sq footage so that you have a better idea what the interiors of the ship looks like. I've also realized that there are no considerations for space for personal possessions, and I've taken that into account.

Altered Crew Quarters: (7.5ft vertical clearance)
1-Dton = 40sqft of working area (5 x 8), 20sqft of passages (4 x5), the rest of the volume left is what walls and other stuff occupy. every Dton expands both the passage and the working area proportionally. The working space has about 6 cubic feet of personal belongings available.
Bunk Room 1-2 occupant, 1Dton, 40sqft (8' x 5')
Cabin Room 1-2 occupants, 2Dton, 80sqft
Comfortable Cabin 1-2 occupants, 3Dton, 120sqft
Stateroom 1-2 occupants, 4Dton, 160sqft
Luxury Stateroom 1-2 occupants, 8Dton, 376sqft
Commercial Quarters are +50 to 400% to more space.

Missile Pod
Doctrine. Used as Mines, hidden in the vastness of space or directed to follow a ship to add to its missile volume.
Since ships have a limited surface are for bay weapons and turrets, Missile pods allow the internal volume of a ship to add to the volume of missile fire. This is the standard Armament of Battle Cruisers and Dreadnoughts.
Tech Level: 10
Hull: 2-dton Cylinder Hull* (0.9ksf, 0.9tons, $0.045M), dDR 10 armor (4.5tons, $0.054M ), Stealth (0.225tons, $0.675M) Total 5.6tons, $0.17M
Systems: 1/2 M-Drive (2Tons, $0.5M), 1/2 Fusion Plant (2Tons, $1.5M), Model-0 Sensors (Scan 14) (0.5Dtons, 6tons, $2M, -2MW), Computer (Micro-Frame Complexity-8, Hardened, x3 Redundancy, Very Large Laser Comm, Very Large Radio Com) (0.5-Dtons, 0.55Tons, $0.12), 3 Hard Points (9 Missiles Racks, 9 Tons, $6.75M). Total 19.15tons, $10.64M
Statistics: EMass 16 tons, LMass 30 tons (16base, +16.2ammo), Cost $15M ($10.80M base, +$3.45M ammo), SM +2, ASig -4, Hull dHP 5, No Life Support, sAccel 2.66G, Top Air Speed 740 mph.
Programs: pilot (high performance space craft), navigation (space), electronic operation (sensor) , electronic operation (communications), artillery (missiles).

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