Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Traveller ISW: Automated Turrets and Exo Skeletons

The turret programing will grant its bonus to the Gunnery Section. Basically it is the task of this section to monitor, manage and coordinate all the turret firepower. Its better to keep skill to the "Characters" and let the quality of the equipment affect the scale and effectiveness of their abilities.

TL 9 Turret Programing $3,300 +30lbs
$2,000 TL10 Hardened Personal Computer Complexity 5
Good, +1 Artillery: Missiles, Complexity 5, $1000
Good, +1 Gunner: Beam, Complexity 4, $300

TL 10 Turret Programing $3,300 +30lbs
$2,000 TL10 Hardened Personal Computer Complexity 7
Fine, +2 Artillery: Missiles, Complexity 7, $1000
Fine, +2 Gunner: Beam, Complexity 6, $300

TL9 Industrial Spider Exo Skeleton: DR20/0, $150,000, 300lbs, SM+2, 2E/24hr
Basically this is a heavy exo-skeleton with 6 manipulators and tools built in. The Manipulators aid in orientation and handling large and bulky parts necessary in repair. Serious Ship Repairs, Refitting, Modification and Maintenance (anything tha deals with material nearing the weight in 1 to 10 tons) are at a -7 without an exo-skeleton, -5 with just a Light exoskeleton, -3 with a Heavy Exo-skeleton, and with no penalty with the Spider Exo. SST+10, LST+14, Storage is 200 cubic feet (0.2-Dton). TL10 has 50% more ST and can work with up to 15 tons. Hold out Penalty NA

TL9 Load Bearing Exo Skeleton DR12/0, $10,000, 12lbs (-4 hold out penalty).
The earliest Exo Skeleton model. Primarily designed for health care service and the infirmed, it has also been used for military applications (rugged and crude 22lbs, DR24/0, 11HP, HT12, same cost, -6 Hold out Penalty). +4LST and +2SST (the TL10 version is the Stealth Exo).

Hold Out Penalties for Exo Skeletons: only from distant observation.
  • Heavy Exo -8
  • Light Exo -6
  • Lower Body Exo -5
  • Power Sleeve -4
  • Ranger Exo Skeleton -6
  • Stealth Exo Skeleton -2 (add the disguised x2 modifier to reduce it to -1, and x5 to -0)

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