Monday, December 7, 2009

Nerd On! Lances and Physics

I'm a fan of "Nerd On"! Its like an argument you would have in "Big Bang Theory" by its arcane nature and subtle philosophical undercurrent. I'm a big fan of the Gamers who make it their calling to strive for more consistency, realism and a better way of resolving a Gaming dilemma.

The link is about Lances and Physics, but what is awesome is that time and time again Hal points out a truth hidden in the web of illusion of our games.

The prominence of the scientific principle can be found in the quest for facts and a way to prove certain ideas. It can be a terrible habit that can ruin other people's fun, but it can be kept under control. It is usually Hal, Dan Howard, and Icelander who go all historical authenticity on the boards. There are many others who contribute in such discussions and I always tend to have an eye out when they start bringing a ruckus with, what in the sub culture considers "controversial".

I like the change, it makes the RPG grow and evolve better ways of doing things. GURPS's attempts to model reality gets better every contribution because reality is something verifiable and tangible to work on. GURPS adaptability is what makes it an awesome RPG system. It grows with me and allows me to cross over many of my real world skills.

Gaming is the only thing I am really confident to know with the greatest certainty. not exactly know "what" but how. Specifically how to fix problems on the fly and how to learn from it and move forward. (an important skill in business and entrepreneurship). I guess despite how bad things can get, such a "refuge" is necessary.

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