Tuesday, December 1, 2009

GM think Tank with Google Wave

Playing around Google Wave the ideas that first get to me is how It can be used to improve my game.

GM think tank.
  • With the Google Search tool, every comment can be annotated with a wiki, link, and image.
  • Drawing from Google Maps, and using terrain features and GIMP allows the GM to build worlds more quickly and efficiently. Quite simply the GM can use various locations around the world as references to exotic locales.
  • GMs and Players authoring their games into stories will have more flexibility and efficiency editing and clarifying works.
  • Having it running while your players are on your wifi saves a whole lot of paper in notes, time explaining stuff, and space in the character sheet and having to transmit Player specific information. (since you can see edits made to the character). Especially since players can use their Droid Phones to send secret messages back and forth to the GM.
  • Plan out an adventure with other GMs. If you use a particular formula and anticipate a variety of interesting things to do, take the opportunity to brainstorm with Gwave, or while in session PING a fellow GM for some advice (they can easily catch up to what is happening through the play back feature).

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