Friday, February 19, 2010

The Art of Critical Decision Making

The Art of Critical Decision Making is another gem from The Teaching Company that is really useful in gaming. I know gaming is fun, and its supposed to stay fun, but it can always be a little more challenging and interesting.

Imagine, being able to exercise and apply skills such as these in the epic and extraordinary situations of your games. Games evolved as a way to exercise our thinking, and when we seek to challenge ourselves and our surroundings the game only escalates into more productive and imaginative forms. (well in my opinion).

I've purchased the download and find the price SO Worth it (even relative to my income). Imagining the scenarios where I prey on the irrationality of my players: Cognitive Bias, Framing, Recency, Cognitive Disonance etc. A simple puzzle, made into a irrational "mine-field" of shadows and specters leading them towards danger, adventure or demise.

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