Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Random Disadvantage Installment II

This is another random roll table. This is for socio-economic background. This is supposed to be used in tandem with the previous random disadvantage table (Personality background table).

Socio-Economic Background
Not everyone is part of the predominant TL10 society of the game setting. Technology Level in varies greatly. Characters who live in sub-sector capital worlds that has a strategic economic advantage have a technological familiarity advantage. This goes both ways, since technology requires a sophisticated support system, characters familiar with lower tech can operate farther and farther from tech support.

For the purpose of the background, TL is more about familiarity to certain technologies.

  • Roll 3d
  • 3-4 -3
  • 5-6 -2
  • 7-8 -1
  • 9-13 +0
  • 14+ +1

Wealth and Status represents a particular social group the character belongs. Socio-economic conditions have a strong affect on people. It affects their education, the kind of people they are able to access, and what opportunities are open to them.

  • Roll 3d
  • 3 Poor (roll 1d)
  • 4-6 Struggling (Roll 1d)
  • 7-10 Average (Roll 1d)
  • 11-13 Comfortable (Roll 1d)
  • 14-15 Wealthy (Roll 3d)
  • 16-17 Very Wealthy (Roll 3d)
  • 18 Filthy Rich (Roll 3d)

Note: This is meant for Traveller TL10 society. This has a very optimistic division of wealth. Medieval or Dystopic games will have a much larger poor, and struggling class..

Medieval or Dystopic

  • Roll 3d
  • 3-8 Poor (roll 1d)
  • 9-11 Struggling (Roll 1d)
  • 12-13 Average (Roll 1d)
  • 14-15 Comfortable (Roll 1d)
  • 16 Wealthy (Roll 1d)
  • 17 Very Wealthy (Roll 1d)
  • 18 Filthy Rich (Roll 1d)

Poor (roll 1d) (status -2)

1-4 x0.2 wealth modifier

5-6 x0.3 wealth modifier

Struggling (Roll 1d) (status -1)

1-4 x0.5 wealth modifier

5-6 x0.7 wealth modifier

Average (Roll 1d) (status 0)

1-4 x1 wealth modifier

5-6 x1.5 wealth modifier

Comfortable (Roll 1d) (status 1)

1-4 x2 wealth modifier

5-6 x3 wealth modifier

Wealthy (Roll 3d) (status 2)

3-9 x5 wealth modifier

10-11 x7 wealth modifier

12-14 x10 wealth modifier

15+ x15 wealth modifier

Very Wealthy (Roll 3d) (status 3)

3-10 x20 wealth modifier

11-13 x30 wealth modifier

14-16 x50 wealth modifier

17-18 x70 wealth modifier

Filthy Rich (Roll 3d) (status 4)

3-10 x100 wealth modifier

11-12 x150 wealth modifier

13-14 x200 wealth modifier

15-16 x300 wealth modifier

17 x500 wealth modifier

18 x700 wealth modifier

This is followed by an additional roll for for other disadvantages.
Roll for the added number of disads.
Roll 1d-1 (exploding d6; roll again when you roll a 6. Add them all up)
Then roll for the kind and severity of each disad.
Roll the Kind 1d
  • 1-3 Behavioral
  • 4 Mental
  • 5 Social
  • 6 Physical
Roll the Severity
  • Roll 3d
  • 3-9 Quirks
  • 10-11 Minor
  • 12-13 Serious
  • 14-15 Major
  • 16+ Severe
Use this spread which can be found here for a whole bunch of other disadvantages Random Disadvantage Roll.

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