Monday, April 19, 2010

Leverage - Make a Will Save

Leverage is magic of an acolyte of game theory. It may not look so magical when one looks at it with outcome bias but apply some good old'fashion role-playing by taking an alternate perspective and its hell'a powerful.

Getting leverage is not easy, like many things in strategy and tactics the idea is 0.1% of the work involved and the other 99.9% is actually acquiring that leverage.

We usually all deal with leverage in everyday things. The problem of most people face with getting leverage is where to start looking and how to go about getting it. Now THAT's the adventure.

A demon will come to take the Queen's infant child away, and the King has set out the adventurers to find a way for stop the creature. Let me point out that the demon, is one that all the king's men, all his armies, his gold, etc. cannot stop... except for the likes of innovative and cunning heroes.

The stage is set and the party begins to play a game of questions with the GM. its like playing the game of riddles of old. what will stop this demon, and what can the lowly PC's do that the king cannot!

Getting a leverage over a demon is quite the adventure that can lead to discovery of uncomfortable and sordid secrets about the king, his queen and the kingdom they rule.

Game Design Inspiration - Ishtar.
Overtime, sexual taboo is something society is getting over in the real world. Opening up conversation and rational inquiry about the matter can be quite enlightening, particularly when one examines sexuality in its history and what it has come to transform into. Fun in games is playing on the REAL needs of characters, I'm not just talking about whoring but families, spouses, urges and relationships.

I'm not the type to put sexuality in the center of my games, but I like it if the characters are not-all asexual beings. As normal people they are much at the mercy of their passion as the rest of us.

I'm curious given the cruelty by way of righteousness the Assyrians has inflicted on its rebels and forced vassals relates to their Goddess who is patron of War and Sex, the Sacred Profession of Prostitution and the overall power women had in their society. The ideas and how they are related makes titling Imagery and Scenery of powerful women along side powerful men. Something like our modern sensibilities regarding sex, family and responsibility.
That would be awesome to incorporate into a game setting.

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