Friday, April 16, 2010

World Building in 3d

World building is not just exclusively in writing, but it also extends to art and digital art. Writing up campaign settings, characters and heroes is the default way to build a world, but for some Art is an equally valid way.

I'm trying to learn blender for many other reasons. One of the best ways to learn is to study up on what I want to achieve and find the tools I will need to accomplish it.

So I'm researching 3d landscaping with blender. I have no problems finding 3ds Max (the system I've been trained in) tutorials, I own the books. But 3ds Max is not something I can share with regular people. The company I'm working for spent $5000 to purchase ONE seat license. Its enough to purchase a 2 china made cars! I can spend that same amount and spread it over computers and training for blender!

So I'm starting from scratch-ish. not exactly scratch I learned how to learn with 3ds max. I know how to get answers and a better process of experimentation and knowledge retention.

I've been looking for something to work towards, specifically a reusable use of my time after the I learn what i've set out to learn. I stumbled on 3d Medieval world. As I see it there are several uses for building 3d art for a game: learning it, for my players and I, pitching it to other entrepreneurs.

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