Friday, June 3, 2011

Real life inspiring a game: complete dysfunctional management, fraud, and some criminal activity

I've been gone a while and got into serious on the job training turning around one of our sub companies. As the COO (child of the owner) I was a newb privy to all that is happening but was under the apprentice ship of two veterans who helped me with my crash course. Coming out of the experience so far, it's not yet over, has so educated me and inspired me.

Like everyone else in the gaming blog circle I see things in gaming terms, mindset, and a bit of munchkinism... Don't forget the appreciation of the drama. We are documenting all the issues and how they were handled and I plan do fully develope it as a case study aka adventure module. All the moves, counter moves, and things happening behind the scenes are coming to light as this mystery gamer (thanks to Lisa j. Steele's books) was able to appreciate the nuances and the wonders of human deviance.

The case study will be there to develop future management talent and possible, in the off chance let my siblings in to appreciate the family business much more. I have to just proclaim that gaming helped me be more engaged and mentally flexible enough to keep and learn quickly how this "game" is played and think out of the box.

The was fraud, drama, a sex offender (and a misappropriated funds used to have a week in olangapo, a sex vacation), tons of conflicts of interest, harassing maneuvers, traps, IT fraud and information gathering, great betrayals, surprising turn arounds, collective efforts, teamwork, playing on each others strengths, and a greater engagement and improving morale.

With a game-int-the-brain gamer with average stats going through the experience. Definitely not an epic level story, but given the challenges it is in a study of how ordinary people can be given a chance to shine and improve themselves beyond expectations and to the surprise of everyone else. No magic, no cinematics, just some empathy, good people, seeing opportunities in adveresity and a shared effort to help each other succeed.

A realistic and attainable level up is something I am guessing everyone really wants, and not just me.

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