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What I learned: RL Character Creation

Cheat sheet: what I learned

Character Levels
I've finally have more free time. Its about time to start documenting what I've learned. I have to convince my brother, who is working along side me, to try to participate despite his lack of confidence. I'm also getting some of my trusted friends to participate.

The way my brain is hardwired, the best way to approach this is via an RPG game. I began last night by looking at income brackets. My Rationale behind the income brackets is that we are all a team and we only succeed by moving forward together socio-economically, even if it means splitting up.

If my team mate can make a killing doing something else with his unique set of skills I should help him where I can, and the reciprocity begins there. Everyone is in the Low level temporarily, you help them move up in your org but when you cannot accommodate them, you help them go to somewhere better, in return train their replacement.

Its not a BAD thing to have a good friend in a larger and bigger organization, who can compensate them better than you can in your previous set up.

It begins with characters the career progression, standard builds (to understand why the status quo), and what are the epic characters and how they relate to the basic career progressions and how fate, circumstance and ingenuity changed them to be what they are.

Productivity in Real Life
Payscale has little to do with competence or ability, especially in the lower levels. Ideally Payscale is related to Productivity, someone who is more productive is paid more to keep him/her from going somewhere else (when the person falls far below the market average, EVERYONE can pay better thus no point to staying). In the nitty gritty, HR, productivity experts, and leaders are supposed to measure all forms of output, even those very difficult to quantify like goodwill and unique characteristics. In the end it all boils down to how much money the person brings in and how much that person costs to operate.

Measuring real productivity is a personal matter, but it is a matter better done with close confidants, good leaders, and mentors for greater objectivity and being able to clearly see the goals needed to achieve Level Up. Making remarks about someone's productivity is the same as making remarks about someone's character, it can be rude at the same time partially objective.

Real productivity, as much as a personal matter is better done with friends who can afford to be objective and honest while knowing this bitter pill is what is needed when how one can improve. When discussion of this kind occurs, Ideals arises and all sorts of justifications may fill the air.

Now back to the Gaming, amongst trusted people we can find our Class or Career progression and find out if what we are doing matches our goals. If we want to make millions and set up all sorts of businesses, travel, or broker, we look and analyze the best strategy to achieve this given our backgrounds, abilities and circumstance.

Sadly some Careers do have a pay ceiling, and when people hit this, they move on to Prestige Classes... change career that allows the person to utilize their Background but in much larger projects taking greater risks, handling more critical interactions, and implementing them.

A good background of friends and loved ones, help in the Prestige Class upgrade. there is always that instance in a transition that we cannot see what is over that hill until we get up there. In that temporary blindness people who have your back are the best way to navigate.

Fortunately all these Character Development data and templates is finite and only the subtleties of strategy is what is really infinite. If I can get on paper the Character creation for career in the Philippines maybe my friend can better understand the strategy I'm taking (and get some help in the corrections)

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