Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An Open Source Linux Friendly FPS review

I found out about Urban Terror from my brother-in-law. Its Linux and MAC friendly (so I can play this with my wife). I just need to download, open the zip, make a file executable and Viola!

It has an Endurance System, Movement affects accuracy and a whole lot more options that CS. Its great, unfortunately I'm not that 1337 to be able to fix most of the problems it has with my current 11.04 ubuntu set up to really work out all the bugs. Only Con, other than the bugs, is having to learn a new set of hotkeys.

  • I can only open it once per reboot, after that it errors when I try opening it a second time.
  • Camera Shake (discounted the possibility in the gaps of the polygons in the game area).
  • Skipping (i dont know if its cheating as some opponents just "blink" as they run and I can't hit them.
I really wish I can figure out optimizing it on this Lenovo Idea Pad y430.

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