Sunday, July 24, 2011

Figuring out Worldbuilder's Spreadsheet.

Figuring out Worldbuilder's Spreadsheet.

Going about this "World Builder's Spreadsheet" I look to the LibreOffice manuals, particularly writer. I realized a Booklet with an Imbeded and Linked Spreadsheet with Form would be the best medium for this. Writer allows the step by step creation, with forms elements in each step and summarized in the end of the chapter, while Spreadsheet can be linked and displayed in the same PDF booklet.

I wonder if a Macro can be made that allows the byproduct of the operation be exported into a spreadsheet? A sheet having several Households, each sheet being village or community with one sheet summarizing all the data for a Master document to access for larger and larger communities.

I think it works backwards, with the summary sheet generated fist and the Macro generating each sheet (village/community) and all the data of the village.

The first Step would be a Household generator.

This household generator should be useful for generating the peasant (or lower status) background of a character. It should has a list of key word generator to describe personalities, circumstances, and certain social structures.

A challenge is being able to provide a list of social structures and personalities typical of a particular culture. Should it be culture defined or, as in Civilization 5 did, Social Perk based (focusing on the values of a Culture).

Another challenge is because non-monetary costs. In medieval economics there are a lot of things that are not given any monetary costs. A lot of productivity that deserves a large monetary value are: house-wife's labors, a serf's or peasant's labor duties to their lord, duties also owed to religious institutions, as well as neighborly and community contributions that survive to this day.

Resources i can list are: man-hours of labor in primary, secondary and tertiary competences, bushels of seed grains, equipment, beasts of burden and

Expenses i can list: social duties, religious duties, duties to one's lord/master, those from season, those from the current economic circumstance, and typical cost of production/productivity.

Anyway, I need to generate a mind map and several lists before I get into this. Already from the amount of tools and information I may need to detail it is very easy to get lost.

for now I need to further reflect on how I should pull this off.

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