Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just Finished A Dance with Dragons

I got my copy from Random House Audio for $45 for the Audio download (cheapest when I looked around).

If you are avoiding spoilers don't read anything of the Wikipedia article, it has a ton of spoilers even when your not reading the content. I just finally got to read it as i just finished the audiobook today.

Its a great story and its really inspiring to run a game. Especially a game that focuses on the drama and motives instead of the standard rpg motives: xp and gp.

i really want to find time to write my financial statements for squads, companies, bands, farmsteads, villages, and manors plug them into a spreadsheet and figure out a way to generate variants to populate game worlds and the status quo. To forge the one spreadsheet to rule them all.

It also inspires me to write my own epic, with cast of thousands, tell tales of their broken dreams, and their own undoings set in 19th Century farflung Colony.

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