Monday, August 29, 2011

ISW missile breakdown and other missiles

this is my calculations as I broke down the missile stats in ISW. I assumed a certain proportion (as seen in the length vs diameter). I also converted each cylinder, squaring its diameter to get the volume to allow it to fit in a cube compartment.

My assumption is that the 200mm is 2m long (size modifier +0~ish). As the missile got bigger the damage progressed following the diameter (under the same proportions 1:10). So even if the missile got 8x bigger in mass and volume, the warhead which proportionally got bigger only increased in damage by x2.

So here is the stats of the other missiles with these assumptions. Note that from these calculations, there are 176 missiles in 1Dton (500cubic feet or 14.ish m^3) if you see anything wrong please correct me.

Diameter in mmLength in mmSizeArea of CircleVolume of Cylinder in mm^3Vol. of Cylinder in m^3Volume VarianceDiameter VarianceMass (Tons)No. per DtondicedDmg Average
100mm1,000 mmSM-27,854mm^27,853,981.630.01m^3

200mm2,000 mmSM+031,416mm^262,831,853.070.06m^
300mm3,000 mmSM+170,686mm^2212,057,504.120.21m^33.381.500.5152.441863
500mm5,000 mmSM+2196,350mm^2981,747,704.250.98m^34.631.672.3411.3330105
700mm7,000 mmSM+3384,845mm^22,693,915,700.452.69m^32.741.406.434.1342147
1000mm10,000 mmSM+4785,398mm^27,853,981,633.977.85m^32.921.4318.751.4260210

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