Sunday, August 28, 2011

with better understanding comes higher standards...

I had to redo my ship generation spreadsheet. The back-room calculations and the tables had to be cleaned up a bit. Cleaning up a spreadsheet while formatting the "worksheet" to look more pleasant and understandable eats up a lot of time. Also I've made a system to make all my backroom calculations well documented and annotated, so that I can easily modify it and find my way around if I made some mistakes or need to further modify the system for my house rules.

I'm at step 4 in the ISW ship creation. I will work on 5 to 6 next week. I think it eats up about 4-5 hours a week fixing this.

Renewing my JTAS subscription. So i will be making the spreadsheet follow ISW and JTAS (gurps) canon as well as purchasing some stuff from E23 for collection and support purposes (more than actual use).

That reminds me that I have to renew my JTAS subscription, problem is that our credit card, dedicated and special for online transactions was compromised. There is an internet credit card scam that only kicks in every few months, and charges only a small amounts. Hiding itself conveniently among my PDF purchases. The wife and I had to research through our finances we found out it wasn't anything any of us bought and just typing the company charges up brought up a lot of results warning that it is a credit card scam. So it will be a while before i can input again our credit card online.

Man, making these spreadsheets eat up time. I wonder how many other ISW GM's are out there. I just started using Google Alerts for Traveller and GURPS Stuff.

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