Monday, September 12, 2011

A more open game system. The problem of automation.

A more open system.
There are many game systems and toolkits I can automate with just a spreadsheet, of course it doesn't mean I should automate them all. Even if I automate them, there is that problem of copyright. I can't just share it completely, because that would lead to some legal problems and give the copyright owners a hard time.
Reflecting, it's not that hard making toolset based on business tool and skills I learned from work. The BPO industry is one of the metric obsessed industries out there, with a life sucking ability DnD3.x vampires would envy
After I finish with my traveller ship building spreadsheet (which I resolved with: to hell with system flaws get this over with so that you can have a another notch on your belt), I will make a different world building system from gurps and harn with my notes open via google docs. I'll also get a creative commons appendix included in the document. the system will be more based on my economic and managing process notes and learning.
As for character creation, which is another tools set when I go from macro to micro, I plan to use man-hours as a character building block. Although I will have to find ways to scale it in 5s, 10s, 100s, and 1000s. Average human will be the baseline, and I'll cite my sources so people are free to substitute assumptions. I will also use more scientific and thus cannot-be-copyrighted terms. It might describe the character with a lot of mood-kill terms but people can just substitute the terms in their own game.
There is just so much to automate to make gaming life easier but one cannot just go around breaking copyrights. So a creative commons system should be around, one that is empirical that way anyone can use while adding flavor to taste.
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