Monday, September 12, 2011

My Excuses. Why my ISW spreadsheet is delayed

My Excuses. Why my ISW spreadsheet is delayed
I feel guilty of not finishing my ISW spreadsheet around this week. I do have a lot of real wold escuses why, but the few hours of free time I had was lost doing the missile volume and stat calculations you see posts back.

The reason why the missiles really bothered me is that Its just really weird that there is just one missile for civilian and military applications. That was driving me bonkers everytime I think of it.

Will I let this go by, only to have to fix my spreadsheet again when someone comes around to fixing it? I know missile doctrine is TL10 in ISW universe, but the Honorverse has that strong impression on me that sees direct energy weapon combat as relic of scifi doctrine past and guided missiles as the present we should adopt.

Even now as I write this I'm getting that powerful urge to spend X more hours fixing the missile system. Uggg! Fark that, I'll make that flawed but automated ISW ship design system because I want to accomplish that then move on to World Building. In World Building I have grand designs and more universal niche to fill. A tool for every medieval GM to detail their World economics and population.

The hope that I can detail Entire Region of about 2,000sqkm in about 6 hours (will try to include a project process recommendation and time and motion study). The ability to generate the entire roster and population of a village, with all its problems, needs, wants and conflicts. With every person detailed and easily found in the document. the tools to quickly details and make real all the persons found in the characters surroundings.

The last part should be my mantra for getting the ISW spreadsheet done. Anyway, will estimate be done by the end of Sept. a lot of Mega Reports due this week and IT processes and policies overhaul, documentation and detailing this week and the next. I should say end of sept is an Ideal.

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