Monday, October 10, 2011

Short Hiatus

Hope to start posting more relevant material by November. This month of October is a critical period at work and I have to focus. Although, knowing myself, I will still be rambling a bit but because I'm very work/productivity oriented and feed back is that I get more hits with my gaming posts I am moving my work-like discussion to another blog.

Source of Shame. I'm considered ditching my Starship Builder Spreadsheet because its just too big a project and I should target projects that can be finished and "showed-off" in the window of 3-6 hours in a week (not counting planning). I'm not going to junk it entirely, but maybe go back to the drawing board and plan a better way to accomplish it. I'll find time to study Eric Smiths' spaceships generator spreadsheet for tips. (hopefully a useful tool every week, it might not give me hits but some gamer cred).

Target Project. My target 6 hour project is a household generator. I've already made some notes about what tables to use and what assumptions to make. Since I'm working with games and rules of thumb I will clearly state that I will be working with values that are up to 20% of the mark to make calculations easier.
Ex. one pound of uncooked rice is 1615cal, cooked its 590cal. I will round things off to 1/3 then +10% to get cooked rice calories.  450lbs of wheat per acre.  
Its going to a bit off and rounded, but its easier to make calculations this way and leave the debate of precise accuracy to the particulars. maybe its a particular breed of rice or a particular region , or a particular method.   

The Other Blog: Working the Game at Other than it is courtesy to give people what they should expect out of a gamer blog, I really want to go full tilt in my a blog where I can track my learning and plot/schedule what should be next in the horizon.

I'm a gamer to the core, and the way its beginning to manifest is in my non-gaming life, at work. I'm just bursting with stats and rules of thumb (and the reasons and details behind such assumptions), the way I would be bursting with GURPS or DnD stats. I feel like I've transformed some of my gamer habits into work-related habits.

Also, I want to be able to find an audience for my this passion. I found RPGamers to find a gaming audience, maybe I can find some fellow altruistic professionals who have that kind of gamer mentality or approach to work.

Currently Listening: Kenneth Harl's The World of Byzantium. This really makes me want to make a city building spreadsheet.

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