Thursday, December 8, 2011

In light of the Polls

Hi all, In light of the Polls my post is going to be about being able to cram as much medieval history in your brain.
I've finished about 80+ hours of not-for-credit history courses thanks to the teaching company. I don't listen to music in my 2 hour commutes in the congested traffic of metro manila but these, I also listen to it when I do about 1 hour of chores. so at about 3 hours a day for about 2-3 years.

Also note that I try to apply what I learned in terms of gaming and framing it in a game. So gaming, the world building type and game prep, are like my practical exercises. Any GM would understand this is like a tip of an ice-burg amount of work.

Ok, one more thing about these lectures, they practice what they preach, they have a Game Theory and Critical thinking lecture and they applied the incentive's techniques to get you to buy. I've been subscribed for about 2-3 years so there always rolls around a massive discounted lecture of up to 70%. I get the pure MP3 download. Thanks to Tablets and Goodreader app its even more portable than ever before. So I get them at about $34 (thats 12 hour or 24 course lectures).

I still can't post much and I'm kinda still on hiatus until we are finish with work. its end of the year, strategic planning and budgeting so hope you understand.

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