Friday, December 9, 2011

A very long hiatus

Written Dec 6
My hiatus got much longer, I'm 32 and the family needs me so I had to put aside this for a long while. Don't get me wrong, never does an hour passes that I don't think of how best to do X in an RPG and how to incentivize players to take in more complicated and near realistic challenges.
Funny about being in the BPO industry, it's very much into performance statistics and with the broadening kind of services it gets into it a munchkin is pretty much at home with all these values.
Building my own web server for my own open RPG wiki.
So much of what I'm learning 200+ hours of not for credit courses on economics an history and my work in IT channeled my efforts to make build up my own mediawiki for my own game system.
I tried the free wiki services but it's too slow and chuck full of ads. The ads are a turn off, and I wanted to customize the theme. I also wanted an organized and easy to share approach.
The Wiki had the advantage of already implementing the creative commons I liked: share and share derivatives.
I was just finished reading up on getting a free domain when my last Ubuntu update crashed my GUI.
Right now we, the family, are waiting for someone and stuck for an hour. I had the chance so I'm blogging now.
I hope I can better organize and channel these energies.

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