Tuesday, December 27, 2011

side notes relevant to Personal Gaming Assitant

Gothridge Manors's Article is one article I find related to my concerns because, if you want to be able to share the cost maybe it would be worth considering selling the cleaned work.

Gothridge Manor: PDF Pricing

a Second thing worth reading is the Free E23 book Running A Game Publishing Company 

There are so many different compensation systems to consider. Not just for direct pay for PDF, but continued support of an already held market. What if spreadsheets and pdfs that allow GMs easy customization are produced on a schedule and a menu, those that the market decide gets to move on yet not closing off all roads just when some majority decides a particular direction. 

Before getting more elaborate, if there are other GMs who want the same as I and want to share in the costs and benefits I'm game. If it drives the price to <$1 for 5,000 worth of words each I'm very game. 

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