Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Growing up Gamer has some Odd side effects

My urge to write about gaming has been building up for a while, Its come to a point that I'm ruining the notebook I have for home projects and tasks and filling it up with GM notes of how I'm going to create incentive for players to with talent* instead of intelligence and how I will play on the risk aversion of players by designing a random character generation system that potentially allow players to get more for their character create incentives for them to play outside their comfort zone**.

It makes me wonder who I am when I find myself writing about these stuff and it happens to be right beside the stuff I do for work. It really is so alien. It doesn't help that I can't remember the last game I was at, except the ones in 2010. (maybe I can find that game if I go through this blog, I would have blogged about it for sure). It also doesnt help that people who can relate are mostly online than people I see and meet at even a monthly capacity (the other people I know who can relate, I haven't seen in more than 7 months)

Looking into the future and understanding this real trait that really just makes me: me. This blog will be going on indefinitely until I change to someone I will not be able to relate to. Its not sentimentality that keeps me being me, It is this me that embraced innovation, change, and seeing the positive spin of life. If I change so much that, that part of me is gone maybe that's a kind of change I should work against. I guess I'm not the only one who believes this about themselves: that the gamer part of us is one of our best parts and we can't afford to lose that.

I have to thank a friend for giving the this thought and triggering this realization.
* All my Cognitive Studies won't let me see intelligence as a single ability.  So i plan to impose a Tax and a Cap on IQ. Instead of 20cp, 100cp per point above IQ10 and cap it at 13. Next, I will double the cost of Talents. In the random generation i'll use the massive talent list.  
** A random Character generation spreadsheet that allows players to quickly generate a character according to the setting demographics. The emphasis in realistic motivations and limitations: family, friends, social pressures, responsibilities and obligations, loved ones, etc. and try an alternative philosophical view of chance and fairness through such. 

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