Saturday, January 14, 2012

GURPS Mass Combat Spreadsheet V0.5

Ok, I just tried making a GURPS mass combat spreadsheet. Currently it can only add up all the costs, factoring up the equipment quality, troop quality, and up to 4 features. This is only up to TL5.

Here are things I see lacking:

  • I have not made it look pretty (formatting it with special borders, backgrounds, colored font to make it more user friendly).
  • I have not made it overly user-friendly (which means having comments describe everything, or a workflow)
  • I have not made it able to calculate individual TS for each class in a given list. I don't know how I'm going to make a smart list for that yet. 
  • I don't know a way to export all the information in some Stat Block for compact, easy saving, and easy printing. 
Total Amount of Time I spent doing this and fixing the bugs is about 4-5 hours in between a lot of waiting and idle time. If I were to look at the work left to be done, given what I feel lacking, maybe 16 more hours would fix it. This includes learning to make it export to stat blocks, if it were to me (assuming I can find the method and learn it in about 6-10 hours). 

email me if you want me to share it with you, because of the legal limitations of publishing it. 

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MurdocK said...

Awesome - I am seeking just such a tool -do you have it for sharing now?