Friday, January 13, 2012

Virtual Gaming Personal Assistant Update part 4

Here is an update,
  • I've found some sample VPA online, allows you to find a contractor that fits your needs. VPAs I've found are at about ~$6/hour USD. 
  • If a company were to hire and run a VPA campaign it would cost around ~$8/hour USD but you will have an administration that will maintain a high level of quality, a pool of VPAs that specialize in clerical work, tele-verification for all tasks, Finance and Accounting, Web API support and IT support. (VPA's are even more effective if a Web API like a CRM, Enterprise Wiki, ERP, Personal Finance, an Organization or Writing Tool etc...)
  • I've found Neil Gaiman's PA's Blog. I've also found a high level executive assistant who I can approach with profiling questions regarding Service Level standards. 
  • I've also a friend who came back here from Canada who is a script writer and director who needs a VPA to help him more productive. 
  • I've been sick and finding time to do some of the tasks I want a VPGA to do for me, and I've been doing much fasters than my projected SLA. I think its application mastery and screensize as a factor, I should Identify all the high productivity skills for use of office applications (I am a LibreOffice user). 
  • the VPGA doesnt have to just allow the GM to help do his/her gaming work, but also help in their own day-job. That also frees time to allow GMs to spend more time doing their gaming work. 
I think I have to get the other following things: 
  • A profile of the kind of people who would want to do the work from home of a VPA.
  • From profiling EAs, PAs, and Potential Employeers what would be the Service Level Quality and Tasks they expect them to do, 
  • And A detailed and dynamic weekly workflow template to be modified based on the client's profiling.  

As a Linux and Open Source Guy, it would suck having to buy all these MS stuff for clients in the business plan I'm making. Not only its add to the Capital Investment which would go into the Amortizing Costs of the VPA, but the value chain you'd have to buy is over-inflated IMO (coming from a 3rd World cost perspective). I'd want the VPA to use all Open Source and GPL tools. 

I guess another service could to be provided is the Remote Transitional IT Support for someone or an organization moving from Windows to a Preferred Linux Distro (I haven't gotten around to try Mint). 

For my personal needs I and income, I'm ok with $2-3/USD work at home VPA. Since I'm the one making all the workflows and processes in the first place, its an externality advantage of my profession. (economic terms are really useful in gaming, particularly munchkin-ing) and its Philippines to Philippines. 


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