Monday, June 25, 2012

Hard Sci-Fi Ship Combat - Go Abstract or Go Computerized

Related to the previous discussion, I'm in the inclination to Computer Simulation or to Go Abstract via Card Game... This is kind of a solution mixing both.

The structure of the Card Game I have is relatively simple and strangely it a is a different funding model compared to Collectible Card Game. Funding is not through the cards, but from the service of maintaining a balanced card game system where players are registered commanders in the living setting. All cards can be DIY or made by another printing service that meets the CGG parameters.

Only Official cards and registered decks can be "balanced". Players are limited to the budget of their registered commander. This is saved in the web based API database. The web based tool allows for online tournaments. Commanders can advance in position, allowing them to control and lead fleets and operations. 

People can play and build decks for free; they can build homebrew decks easily. 

Each Ship is a card. Ship Cards are always face down. On the back of the card is its lowest resolution. Each Ship can be generated by a web based program, that determines its stats and special abilities. There is a pregenerated set of Official ships, but players are free to make their own ships and fleets for their own settings and games. Same goes for the Shuffled Deck of Opportunities.

There are positions on the playing surface of each player that determine relative position of ships to the opposing player. These special arrangement carries into the a multi-player game. Practicality limits no. of players.

a Shuffled Deck of Opportunities: These are special actions and circumstances. There is a limit to the type of card can be in a deck. Some Cards can only be in once or thrice. Decks cannot be reshuffled and have a card cap. There are filler cards are missile pods, drones, and other cards that give slight bonuses.

Some cards need certain circumstances to be played giving a bonus, creating an exception to the rules, or creating a special circumstance. Some circumstances that trigger can be related to the other cards in the players hand, in reaction to a card played by another player, or the arrangement of the ship cards.

Die Rolls, 2 six sided dice. resolve some engagements. The system uses target nos.

Other Assumptions:

  • Settings and background.
  • Factions and their Core Strengths.     

Each faction has a no. of fleets and commanders. The web tools allow to simulate economies and the military they support.

Other Uses.
Quick Building ones' own Sci-Fi Setting. A dedicated hobbyist can use the tools to make his own sci-fi setting for story purposes, asking his Players to role-play various scenarios: from naval engagements to conducting operations. The tools takes care of many economic assumptions for the hobbyist, allowing him or her to incredibly detail his/her setting and have fun.

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