Sunday, June 3, 2012

Game within a Game: modular and complete games and game systems.

Game within a Game: modular and complete games and game systems.

I was looking at the rules for world building in the old traveller games and in harn and gurps and i realized that every sub-system is better explained by its own mini game that can be played by itself. Every subs system is a modular game.

Basically why not build a sub game mechanic and system when you could make it fun and complete? That way people get to use it more and plan it i to the activity itenirary of a gaming group.

Example. GURPS and GURPS mass combat, city states, and Low Tech companions. These tools would have been better, IMO, if they were playable as their own mini game. you would have a MACRO game and the RPG game. The Macro game can have an oversimplified combat system where MASS Combat can be removed or plugged back in.
Something like Harn Mannor can be made into a kingdom building game, almost like a board game, allowing for a simple game among friends of populating an empty hex map and playing out macro political, territorial and economic histories playing out.

Some detail building games play out like solitaire: for building villages, manors, infra, and all the other gm tasks and prep. Even a game of Mindmapping, similar to using tarrot as a writing exercise. Where these activities are timed and can get faster and smoother with practice.

Anyway, thats what I've been trying to do with my open RPG system. Although im trying to make it as turn key as possible which is slowing me down. Trying to figure out inkscape and an easy way for a Linux User like me get away with open source all the way.

So i figure why cant this be the design philosophy other than the science based mental model for game rules.

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