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IMTU: Basic Infrastructure of Colonies

I've broken down the Shipbuilding Rules into a bunch of ratios that would be useful for building a Space Colony.

survey stations
medical stations
life support systems
power plants
Infra supplies
Colony demands
Hard infra

Workshops are the backbone of any colony and infrastructure. These help maintain all equipment related to basic infrastructure (these have a -2 penalty for the engineer for more sophisticated and specialized needs)

  • Manpower: Enough space for one engineer per shift. 3 engineers a month.
  • Cost:   
  • Volume: consumes 15cu.m including workspace
  • Mass: 2.5 tons of equipment, 
  • Energy: monthly energy consumption
  • Role/Uses: Need one to support 2000 tons of the same TL of equipment per engineer. 
    • Can support twice as much, 4000 tons, of TL9 equipment (workshops count as 400x more mass; can only support 4 TL9 workshops).
    • Can support five times as much of TL8 equipment (workshops also count as 400x more mass; can only support 10 TL8 workshops).
    • Can support 20 TL7 workshops. 
    • Can support 50 TL6 workshops. 
  • TL9 versions: same capacity, volume, mass, energy consumption and supports 2000 tons of TL9 equipment. 
  • TL8 version: same capacity, volume, mass, energy consumption and supports 2000 tons of TL8 equipment.
I've mentioned in a previous post that Labs are important in cultivating and developing gene-gineered organism for mining, farming and terraforming. these are basically Bio-labs.
  • Manpower: 1 scientist per shift. up to 3 scientists per month.  
  • Costs: $1,000,000.
  • Volume: consumes 30cubic feet including workspace
  • Mass: 10 tons of equipment, 
  • Energy: 0.3MW
  • Role/Uses: Supports the gene-geneered ecosystem of 100k sq km. 
Medical Station.
Same Stats as the Sick Bay.
  • Manpower:  2 medical personnel. 
  • Cost: $200,000.
  • Volume: consumes 15cubic feet including workspace
    • additional bedspace consumes 10cu.m. this includes passageways. 
    • B242, one doctor can handle 200 patients at a time as long as there at least 1 nurse bot or nurse for every 20.  
  • Mass: 1 ton of equipment, 
  • Energy: 0.01MW
  • Role/Uses: 1 Medical Station every 80 people.

Survey Station.
Same Stats of the Survey Module, its mean to maintain a cluster of satelites and roving survey robots. When build deep underground, the station has many and diffuse networks to protect is true location. The Survey station can help detect incoming ships.
  • Manpower: Enough space for 4 scientists per shift. 12 scientists a month.  
  • Cost: $15,000,000
  • Volume: consumes 60cubic feet including workspace
    • additional bedspace consumes 10cu.m. this includes passageways.
  • Mass: 12 tons of equipment 
  • Energy: 0.3MW
  • Role/Uses: Detect any ship in the system.

Power Plant.
Power Plants are typically compartmentalized for Redundancy.
  • Manpower: 1 engineer for every 80 tons. 
  • Cost: $200,000
  • Volume: consumes 15cu.m including workspace
  • Mass: 4 tons of equipment per 15cu.m  
  • Energy: Output 20MW (4MW at TL9, 0.2MW at TL8)

Life Support
Life Support are typically Compartmentalized for Redundancy.
  • Cost: $50,000
  • Volume: consumes 15cu.m including workspace
  • Mass: 2.5 tons of equipment 
  • Energy: 0.01
  • Role/Uses: Can generate environment for 1250cu.m (88dtons) or 50 people. Provides 1/5 less at TL9.  

Infra supplies
These are equipment replacement parts. There is a mass, volume, and cost ratio for Precision Equipment, Tools and Equipment, and Bio or Medical Supplies. These are the equipment typically brought to Colonies. These also have a TL rating.  Colonies would be buying such supplies for the purposes of support, which is seperate from their own Commercial Transactions.
These materials can be used to maintain or expand a colony. Peg colony growth in ISW 2170CE at around at least 5% per year, and averaging 10% per year, and up to as high as 20-30% per year.
  • Cost: Precision and Bio/med $2M; Tools $0.5; Supplies $0.2
  • Density: 1dton:10 tons for Precision; 1dton: 5tons Tools and Biom/med; Supplies 1dton:3tons
Annual Maintenance and Resupply.
Take down all the Cost of the Infrastructure and multiply it by 0.0005 to get the total cost of maintenance supplies. The same maintenance supplies is used to for growth, take all the total cost of Infra and multiply by rate of growth 5% to 20-30% to get the annual amount of infra structure imports the colony needs. To simplify and average just use Tools at 1dton:5tons and 0.5M

Example, a $2,500M Colony will need about $125,000 worth of equipment to maintain themselves and if they are growing at 10% per year, $250M of supplies (500dtons of supplies a year). This is ONTOP of the Going Trade in the System.  
Note that there can be Multiple Colonies in a system. 
Note2 that the cost of 2500M for a colony is pretty cheap in our TL8 perspective, this is thanks to assumption Technology = higher level of productivity with cost efficiency. 

Commercial Demands
Commercial trade is up to the WTN and such rules of the game. Although its easier to simplify with Biz Net worth in Tradable goods using the same 1dton:5tons at $0.5M. 

Colony Hard Infra
Underground Infra, miles/km deep enough to survive TL10 warship bombardment, is in 25cu.m increments.This increment is reinforced with organic and sealed concrete and compartmentalized. Each unit is worth about $100 worth of time and effort assuming the most basic TL10 infra such as 20ton mining robots and a bio-lab.

Dungeon Map Generators. I used ISO mage's map generator and made each square equal to 25cu.m or 3x3m.  

Spreadsheet to simplify this to follow when I get around to it. 

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