Tuesday, May 8, 2012

IMTU Book keeping Assumptions

These are typical practices, the dominant practice. Its just good biz sense because it protects both parties. There are always exceptions, because many times biz is rushed and we work with so very little information.

Employment Contracts are for 6mos to 3 years.
Biz's don't pay out all of the spacer's salary per month, contracts are for a duration and many employers. Employees get fully paid at the end of contract and the money is held in Escrow. If you are a biz then you want predictability and these long contracts allow the GM or Players to see the costs before going-on.

Crewman with 1 year contract with $300 allowance bi weekly allowance, totals $34,200 and 26 payments of $300 (totaling $7,800 payout).

In my previous post cost of manpower is twice is pay. The assumption includes required gov't taxes/contributions, union contributions, made by the Biz for the crewman.
Employment Negotiations Mini game.
Employment Negotiations are a fun mini-game to play. GM has a stack of NPC "resumes" with no skill rating. There is a Due Dilligence Roll, and Interviews. 
Finance on the Side.
Biz owners can try to invest those earnings for the Crew. Ideally if that Biz Owner has finance skill. He can invest all his liquid assets in an account with interest equal to finance margin of success in % + 2%. Failure is only 2%, very bad failure (margin of 5 or worse) is 1d6-1% loss, and critical is at a 2d6% loss.

These all take time to mature and be pulled. cash here is "Locked".

Assumed Due Diligence.
In real life this is a hard activity, in the game it is a simple as a secret roll of the GM (insert diabolical laughter here).

Open Source Equipment
Open Source equivalents never lose support but hey need a workshop and access to raw materials to maintain. They need an appropriate Workshop TL to keep them maintained. They are considered Cheap  and perform effectively 1TL lower. they are also bulkier at 50% the mass and diminished performance because of that. They occupy 20% more Dtons of space.
Ex. TL10 Open Source Cargo Bot needs a TL10 workshop to maintain, but performs at TL9 (a TL9 robot needs weekly maintenance).  

  • Vehicles Depreciate in 8 years to 10% value. Depends on HT and Quality. Luxury Vehicles depreciate at a slower rate; cheap vehicles depreciate faster. Heavy Tools depreciate at the same rate. by Heavy I mean, tools half a ton and heavier; this includes robots. These equipment lose manufacturer support in 10 years.  Just divide the cost by 10 for calculating depreciation.
  • Vacc Suits, Computers, and Precision equipment in 3 years to 20% (20% is the biz selling price for resellers, resellers will sell at 50% the original prices after refurbishing). No more support at 6 years. Typically these equipment costs are divided by 3 for depreciation and replacement. Because they are sensitive and lifesaving they are replaced very quickly.
  • Weapons have a Use Life. very hard to track, but the GM can just handwave this.    

250 dtons or less needs a hauling Vehicle. A microboat is sufficient per 250 dtons worth of cargo containers. It should be able to haul 2x6dtons in about an hour Out of the Ship. Assume 250dtons in 1 hour plus trip-distance*42 (forty trips; 21 trips to and 21 trips back). This can be done by the ship AI.

TL9 microboat can only hold 1 cargo container. It takes twice as long as the TL10 microboat.

Work Note: I can just see the crest, after this major hurdle I can look forward to studying and tinkering some more for gaming.

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