Sunday, May 20, 2012

Real World Work Skills/Tools useful in Gaming

I get more practice in using these tools and skills thanks to gaming, that it actually makes it a natural for me to use such tools. Although I sometime wish the data on the tools is gaming related. Feel free to add your own.

  • Making Lists - More of a habit than a skill, it became a stronger habit because of gaming
  • T Accounts - for Traveller and medieval economics
  • Income Statement - for Traveller and medieval economics
  • Mind Mapping - plotting stories, relationships, and developing complex plots
  • Process Mapping - explaining complicated rules and mapping doctrine and dominant strategies. Practice makes it easier to make mental process maps.
  • Case Studies - Scenario Building
  • Gant Chart - Tracking my GM and World Builder Workload.
  • Time and Motion - Mentally having a time budget for every activity, keeping note of various activities and looking for similarities so that I can better budget every action in time, resource, and effort.
  • Negotations / deal-making - a wo
  • Using Mental Models to make Forensically Determine Unknowns - I got this more from gaming and applying to work. It is working back Process mapping to understand the limitations of others.

Got this idea from Nyranth's post (its from G+ don't know how to link directly to the post).

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