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IMTU: TL or Era Level is GDP/C; Gini Coeffcient IMTU

IMTU TL will be used for GDP per Capita. It also has the added use of determining the technology support capacity of the State. Wealth modifies this, it simply measures degree of infra investment or maturity.

GDP and GDP/C will be in my system stat Block. I will also need to make a state creation system, that rolls for Resources, Population, GDP, GDP/C, GC (see below), Wealth, and a few of the economic details. If I could I'd put HDI.

GDP per Capita by TL (edited May 6 2012)
  • TL1 $300
  • TL2 $500
  • TL3 $700
  • TL4 $1,000
  • TL5 $2,000 
  • TL6 $5,000
  • TL7 $10,000
  • TL8 $20,000
  • TL9 $50,000
  • TL10 $70,000
  • TL11 $100,000
  • TL12 $150,000
You can have a TL9 at $25,000 GDP/C because they are struggling. Or you can have a TL9 that is $100,000 GDP/C because they have a lot of infra and training. 

Gini Coefficiency
Actually Gini Coefficiency determined the kind of Gov't, not the other way around. I'm using the other way around because I don't want to roll GC only to change the the Gov't type.

We all know and love our Political Science here, so it is easy to know where I'm leading to... A low GC means more equally distributed wealth and thus more equality and meritocracy. Since we reversed this, we use Gov't to determined GC. So oligarchies, dictatorships, theocracies, feudalism, etc. are on the high GC, while democracy, representation/parliamentary, technocracy, etc.. are on the low side.

When rolling GC: wealth, GDP/C, base culture, and gov't type modifies the result of the roll.

Of course there are Puppet Gov't, oligarchy's pretending to be Democracies or representative gov'ts. You can have a democracy pretending to be a technocracy, or a technocracy pretending to be a dictatorship etc... Just roll again

So the Vilani Imperium is a Caste System and an Imperial one, so you can expect the same GC as that of 70s. Note that despite the inequality, there are a lot of pacifying infrastructure.

A state may be a "democracy" but when powerful minorities can dictate policy because of money, manipulation, and game democratic process, one should reconsider what really does determines policy and the direction of the state.

Population Quotas.
Vilani have Population Quotas, you cant have more managers and executives running around and too few commoners. You cannot also have too few commoners, commoners cannot decide on the size of their family, their "betters" do. Its one of the few problems you have when you have a caste system and you are trying to be politically stable.

One of the other big reasons for population quotas is technological stagnation, and provincial nature of the vilani settlements. uncontrolled population factors are something to control.

I'm sure you can figure out a lot of drama's and stories regarding quota's for familys for Vilani characters. Check out the problem China is having with the policy, and the flooding of HK hospitals from mainland immigrants.

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