Tuesday, May 1, 2012

People asking to to be sold an RPG

I'm against this kind of approach, I find it puts people responding to it in a vulnerable and odd position. One is that It appears doomed to fail, I have yet to hear of a successful conversion when someone is using this method. One of the problems with such a method is how people learn to like and love things: we find intrinsic value because of what we put into an experience. Now, asking to be "sold an experience" places the party asking in no position to find an intrinsic value. 

It basically falls under the category of finding things out with one's own effort. There is greater objectivity and clearing up of biases when we put the effort in learning all we can about something. There is a neutrality with the question being posed, but that neutrality is the best starting point to start asking more serious questions about one's self and what they are looking for in a game.    

I still remember buying my Basic Set in 1996. My brothers and I had enough for one book between us, and we were in the US for only a week. We kept going back to the same game store over and over again looking at everything and trying to get the best investment for our small amount of cash... and we chose GURPS 3e. I admit it was hard to learn, and I was a C student in high school with really bad reading skills. So it was a real struggle, but I am a much better person because of it. I can't imagine an experience like willfully going through GURPS 3e in 2nd year HS putting all those college books into perspective.

Sell me/don't sell me on GURPS - Page 18

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