Monday, May 14, 2012

Learning by Doing; Sci-fi is the ultimate Project Based Learning

Just a thought. I listed my ideas in the link and realized after writing it that I found an interesting way to teach people some engineering, math, physics, economics etc... similar to how I learned some of them by Gaming.

If there was a program that made this easier and allowed us to build up a data infrastructure for more ambitious projects, maybe I can start brainstorming the goals now and contribute reality testing the budget, manpower and timelines.

I just posted my ideas, its an editable doc. Feel free to add, remove, and improve on it. I plan to keep an eye out for the costs and skillset to make that kind of project happen and how to fund it here in the Philippines. if ever there is a way to fund that project, I'll help vett it and provide transparent crowd sourced/vetted medium of tracking and contributing.

So the market is Sci-Fi writers, GMs, amateur film-makers, students and their teachers. They learn by doing and making their own sci-fi worlds, ships, doctrines etc.

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